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Free Design Renderings

We have a R&D and design team of 20 people who can design playgrounds with different themes

On-Site Installation

We have overseas engineers to assist in installing the playground for you


We are manufacturers and can customize products according to your needs

Safety Certification

All our materials have passed CE/ASTM/TUV safety inspection reports

Explore Our Unique Play Structures

Original design, on-site installation, and eco-friendly materials are provided.

Indoor Playground

Trampoline Park

Ninja Theme Playground

Climbing Wall

Over 1,000 Successful Projects Since 2009

Beslepark stays committed to providing recreational facilities for children groups from all sectors. Not only does it broaden the income channels of individual businesses and enhancing the visibility of non-profit organizations, but it also facilitates parents’ care of children and helps to improve children’s sense of happiness and achievement.

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Play Designers

Patent Design Ensures One-of-a-kind Play

As an indoor playground factory, we work to provide unique, patent-protected designs that cater specifically to your needs. Our designers diligently translate your ideas and preferences into exclusive play experiences. We specialize in designing playgrounds that best utilize your given space, maximizing its potential.

Furthermore, we understand the challenges faced by small and medium-sized businesses. Hence, we provide innovative patent design solutions and comprehensive multi-marketing advice to help promote your playground.

Turnkey Solutions for Every Space

Our indoor playgrounds are designed to be suitable of all ages and all industries, maximizing safety and fun at any time and any where.

Family Entertainment Center

Providing a fun, safe environment with diverse indoor playground structures, fostering family bonding and child development.


Incorporating indoor playground equipment into fitness routines, enhancing workouts with elements of fun and creativity.


Equipping dining establishments with indoor playgrounds, creating family-friendly spaces and increasing customer satisfaction.

Event & Celebration

Hosting memorable events and celebrations with exciting and joyful indoor playground setups catering to various age groups.

Tourism & Hospitality

Featuring all-weather indoor plavs in hotels and resorts, inviting family visits and enhancing the overall guest experlence.

Daycare & Early Education

Offering interactive, engaging indoor playground areas that facilitate iearning and promote cognitive growth in a supervised setting.


Constructing therapeutic playgrounds indoors for physical rehabilitation, mental well-being and overall patient comfort.

Fun House Showcase: Better Experiences for All

Dive into our vibrant gallery! It showcases our enchanting indoor playground creations. Embark on this visual treat!


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